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Gekikan Futon Joshitsu/Dasshu sheet

Gekikan Futon Joshitsu/Dasshu sheet
Dehumidifying and deodorizing sheet to cut moisture and odor in futons (bedclothes)
Repeatedly-usable powerful dehumidifying sheet (200 mL/2 sheets)

Features of the product

●Bedclothes can be kept comfortable in all seasons

The bottom mattress is subject to not only normal moisture but also sweating during sleep. This sheet helps solve these problems in daily use as an alternative way of hanging bedclothes outside in the sun. Just put this product under the bottom mattress or bed pad, and its dehumidifying effect works powerfully.

●Can be repeatedly used by drying in the sun

The "Recovery sign" to indicate the moisture absorption state is included. When the color of the sign changes, leave it in the sun. It can be repeatedly used.

●It also effectively works on mites, mold, and odor

Dehumidification can reduce mites and mold that prefers humidity. In addition, as it contains the deodorizing ingredient, it can get rid of unpleasant odor.

Gekikan Futon Joshitsu/Dasshu sheet

Gekikan Futon Joshitsu/Dasshu sheet