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Gekikan for Shoes

Gekikan for Shoes
Dehumidifying and deodorizing agent to cut moisture and odor in shoes
It removes "moisture, odor and unwanted bacteria" and increases the comfort index on feet.

Features of the product

●Powerful absorption of sweat and moisture in shoes

With round-processing to allow the agent to be fit into a toe where moisture concentrates, it can thoroughly dehumidify every part inside your shoe.

●Deodorizing power that contains <bamboo charcoal>

Natural bamboo charcoal can powerfully deodorize unpleasant odors. In addition, with its antibacterial nonwoven fabric, it suppresses the propagation of unwanted bacteria and keeps the inside of your shoes clean.

●Repeatedly usable with speedy recovery

When the recovery sign color turns pink, dry it in the sun. When the recovery sign color returns to blue, it means you can use it again. With the black-color unwoven fabric that has high heat absorption efficiency, it can be speedily recovered. It can be repeatedly used for about 6 months.

Gekikan for Shoes

Gekikan for Shoes