[WEED KILLER] KADAN Josoo Series Zassoji Ace 1 L

[WEED KILLER] KADAN Josoo Series Zassoji Ace 1 L
Herbicidal agent that firmly attaches to weeds and even kills roots.
Suitable for areas around the house as it can be applied around the roots of garden trees.
With its shower-sprinkling nozzle, it can be easily distributed.
[Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan Registration No.21951]

Features of the product

●Covers a wide area!

It can be spread over a larger area due to broader coverage. It fully covers vacant lots, parking lots, and other large spaces. It contains 1 L. and can be spread over an area of up to 100 m2.
* In case of [Trees, etc.: annual and perennial weeds]

●Firmly attaches and even kills roots!

The latest* herbicidal ingredient <glyphosate potassium salt> having spreadability and permeability into weeds that has been increased with our unique formulation enables the agent to quickly spread through the surface of stems and leaves of weeds, firmly attach to them, and steadfastly kill them even permeating their roots.
* As glyphosate salt

●Resistant to rain!

The herbicidal ingredient quickly permeates so that it stably works without being washed off even by rain 1 hour after sprinkling*.
* The effect may vary depending on the environment for sprinkling (temperature, climate, species of weeds).

●Can be sprayed onto roots of garden trees!

The active ingredient attaches to the soil and becomes inactivated soon after coming into contact with the soil and degraded by soil microorganisms so that it can be used for weeds growing around the roots of garden trees.

* Active ingredient: glyphosate potassium salt

[Table of targets for effective application]

Table of targets for effective application

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Will the effect be lost when it rains?
The effect is deteriorated by rain. Please avoid using the agent when heavy rain is expected.
The instruction says the total number of uses is 3 times. When I apply it to the same place 3 times, can the product no longer be used?
The number of times of using it in the same place is 3 times in one year.
After I apply Zassoji Ace, can I apply fertilizer?
Zassoji Ace kills only plants whose stems and leaves have been sprayed with the agent. You can apply fertilizer.
When the agent is sprayed on the roots of garden trees, is there any adverse effect on the garden trees?
This product kills weeds on their leaves. It will not kill those garden trees you care about as long as you apply it avoiding direct application to their stems and leaves.
Can I apply it over weeds in lawns?
You cannot apply it because the agent kills lawns, too.

[WEED KILLER] KADAN Josoo Series Zassoji Ace 1 L

[WEED KILLER] KADAN Josoo Series Zassoji Ace 1 L
[农林水产省注册 第21951号]















洒了Zassoji Ace,之后也可以撒肥料吗?
Zassoji Ace只会让茎叶上沾有药剂的植物枯萎。撒肥料也没问题。