KADAN Josoo Series All Killer Granular Agent 900 g

KADAN Josoo Series All Killer Granular Agent 900 g
Herbicidal agent that does not allow weeds to grow for 6 months by even killing their roots!
It can prevent weeds when you apply it before weed emergence.
Can be used around the house, parking lots, roads, vacant land, graveyards, etc.
For an area of 180 m2 (about 54 tsubos) at the max.
[Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan Registration No.20936]

Features of the product

●Prevents emergence of weeds in a wide area!

The scope for application was expanded and now it can be applied before the emergence of weeds. It contains 900 g and can be applied to an area of a max. 180 m2 at one time so that it can prevent a wide area of weeds from emerging.
* In the case of application of 5 to 20 g/m2 for annual weeds (before emergence)

●It even kills roots!

It effectively works on various species of weeds such as Sasa-bamboo, Japanese mugwort, Japanese pampas grasses, tall goldenrods, and field horsetails.

●The effect lasts for as long as 6 months*!

The active ingredient remains near the soil so that it can kill shoots newly emerging from seeds and stems. With its excellent long-lasting effect, it prevents the emergence of new weeds for a long time.
* In the case of application (40 g) to crabgrasses in the initial stage of development
* Sufficient effect may not be obtained depending on the usage environment.

●Can be chosen depending on space

Four different sizes: 400 g, 900 g, 2 kg, and 3 kg are available.

* Active ingredient: karbutilate

[Table of targets for effective application]

Table of targets for effective application

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When should I use this product? How soon does it kill weeds?
It is effective to use it after rain or when the soil is wet. The effect starts working about 2 weeks after the application. (The timing for starting the effect may slightly vary depending on the species of weeds and the usage environment.)
Are plants in a garden killed by this product?
The plants and trees may die. Please apply it to areas where the roots of those plants do not grow. Please apply it 2 m away from their branches as much as possible.
Does it kill lawns?
It can kill lawns. Please avoid using it on lawns.
I have applied it, however, I am worried about the impact it may have on nearby trees. Is there any neutralizer available?
Unfortunately, we do not sell neutralizers. Please remove the granulated powder agent and replace the soil around the area where it has been applied with new soil. However, we cannot guarantee that those trees will not die. We kindly ask for your understanding.

KADAN Josoo Series All Killer Granular Agent 900 g

KADAN Josoo Series All Killer Granular Agent 900 g