Tosatsu Jet 300 mL

Tosatsu Jet 300 mL
No-insecticidal component spray that instantly kills unpleasant insects by freezing them at -85°C (-121°F)
It does not use insecticidal ingredients and instantly inhibits movements of unpleasant insects and kill them.
Target insect pests: centipede, hairy caterpillar, spider, stink bug, ant, moth, wood louse, house centipede, millipede

Features of the product

●No insecticidal ingredient used!

It instantly inhibits the movements of insects by super cold air at -85°C (-121°F)* and kill them. No insecticidal ingredient is used, and it is recommended even for families with children and pets.
* Decreasing temperature (it depends on the conditions)

●Eco-friendly formulation!

It uses a gas with a lower global warming potential value*. The formulation has become more environmentally friendly.
* Global warming potential values (GWP100): it shows how strong the greenhouse effect a particular air has for 100 years based on carbon dioxide.

●It also works effectively on insects flying around and creeping about!

It also works effectively on both crawling insects (centipedes, shield bugs, etc.) and flying insects (moths, etc.).

●No odor and no residual stickiness!

No unpleasant odor and stickiness are left, and so it can be used indoors with no worry.

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Target insect pests

centipede, hairy caterpillar, spider, stink bug, ant, moth, wood louse, house centipede, millipede


It has been applied to tableware. Is it necessary to wash it?
No, it is not. This product does not contain insecticidal ingredients.
Please tell me what the difference is with Gokiburi Chotoshi Jet Jokin Plus.
They both have the same freezing ingredient, however, it is difficult to apply the mist to cockroaches as they are fast-moving, and therefore, Gokiburi Chotoshi Jet Jokin Plus can deliver a larger amount of injection and contains another ingredient that tentatively inhibits the movement of cockroaches. Also, this product newly contains a bacteria-eliminating ingredient, and so, it can sterilize the floors and walls after exterminating cockroaches.
What does "-85°C (-121°F)" mean?
It means this product can freeze the applied area to about -55°C (-67°F). In other words, the temperature is reduced by 85°C (185°F) when it is used at a temperature of 30°C (86°F).
Is it possible that frozen insects may be revived?
If a sufficient amount of injection is not applied, the insect may be restored to life.

Tosatsu Jet 300 mL

Tosatsu Jet 300 mL
适用害虫:蜈蚣, 毛虫, 蜘蛛, 椿虫, 蚂蚁, 蛾, 鼠妇, 蚰蜒, 马陆












蜈蚣, 毛虫, 蜘蛛, 椿虫, 蚂蚁, 蛾, 鼠妇, 蚰蜒, 马陆


请问这款和Gokiburi Chotoshi Jet Jokin Plus有什么区别?
冷冻成分相同,但蟑螂的活动很快,很难喷到足够的喷雾,因此Gokiburi Chotoshi Jet Jokin Plus的喷射量多,并添加了能暂时延缓蟑螂行动的“钉住”成分。另外还新添加了除菌成分,对于处理蟑螂后的地板和墙壁还具有除菌效果。