[NATURAL WEED KILLER] KADAN Josoo Series Vinegar Killer 2 L

[NATURAL WEED KILLER] KADAN Josoo Series Vinegar Killer 2 L
Food-based and gentle herbicidal agent that can be used on farms and flowerbeds.
FUMAKILLA's unique high-adhesive and high-concentrated formula quickly kills weeds. [Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan Registration No.23863]

Features of the product

●Can be used on farms and flowerbeds.

It is made entirely from food-based fermented vinegar.
It can be used safely by families with children and pets, as well as on farms and flowerbeds.

●The active ingredient does not remain in the soil.

The active ingredient promptly degrades and does not remain in the soil, therefore it has minimal impact on the environment and can be used many times. It can be spread before planting and plants can be planted 5 days after spreading.

●Highly adhesive and highly concentrated.

With FUMAKILLA's unique high-adhesive formula, the liquid firmly attaches to leaves and stems. Furthermore, the industry's highest concentration*1 of vinegar component quickly kills weeds. You can literally see the effect as weeds start withering in 15 minutes*2.
*1 As a straight-type herbicidal agent for home garden.
*2 Until weeds start discoloring (it does not mean the time until weeds completely wither). Withering rate depends on the species of weeds.

●Can be used around flowers and garden trees, and even furrows in farm fields.

Only part of weeds to which the active ingredient applied withers. There is no need to worry about killing garden trees and plants you care about. It can be used on furrows even during crop cultivation.

[Table of targets for effective application]

Table of targets for effective application

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[NATURAL WEED KILLER] KADAN Josoo Series Vinegar Killer 2 L

[NATURAL WEED KILLER] KADAN Josoo Series Vinegar Killer 2 L







*1 作为家庭园艺用无需兑水的除草剂。
*2 直到开始变色(并非完全枯萎的时间)。杂草种类不同会造成差异。