Ultra VAPE PRO 1.8 Set

Ultra VAPE PRO 1.8 Set
Commercial-use unpleasant insect extermination device that effectively prevents insect pests from their entry!
For "harmful insects" for factories and restaurants! No more there.
Target insect pests: Unpleasant insects

Features of the product

●Adoption of the new cartridge realized a 1.8 times* larger effect!

A new cartridge that contains an enhanced impregnation amount of the active ingredient, the effect has been improved by 1.8 times*. Its insecticidal and repellent effects certainly work even for outdoors. In addition, excellent effect last for over 1 month with the power on.
* Comparison with our company's conventional products

●Battery type, same as hugely-popular "Portable VAPE"!

As this product operates with batteries, it can be placed even where there is no outlet. Wiring work is not required and it can be conveniently used at the place where you do not want it to be clearly visible.

●Safe active ingredient with no smoke and no odor is used

It generates no odor and no smoke so it gives no discomfort to customers and does not spoil the atmosphere. The active ingredient is a pyrethroid used as a home-use insecticide and of dry type with no use of water and solvent. It can be used safely.

●Resistant to water and rain, so it can be placed anywhere

This product has a resistant structure to rain and can be placed under eaves and outdoors. As it is resistant to water, it can be used safely even in a kitchen and toilet.

●Can be used anywhere indoors and outdoors!

* As a guide for use indoors: 1 unit for 30 to 60 tatami mats (about 55 to 109 m2)
Device Size (mm) W250xH145xD150
Rated voltage 3V
Weight About 640 g
Cartridge Size (mm) Dia.130xH130
Material PET
Weight About 180 g
Attached tapping screw Size (mm) Dia.4xL25
Material SUS410
* AAA alkali batteries are also included.
Product name Descriptions
Ultra VAPE PRO 1.8 Set It works just setting the cartridge and batteries are set in the device.
Ultra VAPE PRO 1.8 Timer Set A set contains a device with the automatic timer and a cartridge.
(The timer automatically repeats ON (15 hours) and OFF (9 hours)).

Ultra VAPE PRO 1.8 Cartridge

Target insect pests

Unpleasant insects


How should I find the timing for replacing the cartridge?
The timing for running out of batteries and the active ingredient are the same. When the lamp goes out, it is the time to replace it.
I bought the cartridge, but I lost the key for the device. What should I do?
The refill contains keys. Please use it.
Can the timer setting be changed?
No, it cannot. The timer repeats ON for 15 hours and OFF for 9 hours.
Can I place it on the floor?
Yes, you can. However, the active ingredient is heavier than air and the product is designed to be placed in high places so that the active ingredient is effectively diffused. Therefore, when it is placed on the floor, the active ingredient is not diffused effectively and the effective area may become smaller.
Once placed, to what extent does it effectively work?
It is effective in a radius of about 3 m.
Does it work on cockroaches and houseflies?
The effect cannot be expected on both of them.
How many days can I use this product?
For the standard type, it can be used for about 2 months, and for the Timer Set type, it can be used for 100 days (about 3 months).
What should I keep it when this product is not used for a long period (out of season)?
Remove the device cover and take out the batteries and cartridge from the main device, put them in a sealed bag, etc., and store them in a cold and dark place.
What is the period for the service life?
It is 6 to 7 years as a guide.

Ultra VAPE PRO 1.8 Set

Ultra VAPE PRO 1.8 Set




●与大受好评的“Dokodemo VAPE”一样,采用电池型!







器具 尺寸(mm) 宽250x高145x长150
额 定 3V
重 量 约640g
药剂芯 尺寸(mm) 直径130×高130
材 质 PET
重 量 约180g
附属螺丝 尺寸(mm) 直径4×长25
材 质 SUS410
商品名称 内容
Ultra VAPE PRO 1.8 Set 只需将药剂芯和电池装到器具上即可工作。
Ultra VAPE PRO 1.8 Timer Set 自动定时器运行专用器具和药剂芯的套装。

Ultra VAPE PRO 1.8 Cartridge




一般款2个月左右,Timer Set(定时器款)为100天(3个月左右)。