FUMAKILLA Kiri Double Jet Foguron D 200 mL

FUMAKILLA Kiri Double Jet Foguron D 200 mL
Fumigant that exterminates insect pests with its double mist.
Unique formulation that works on various species of mites and fleas!
2nd class OTC drug
Target insect pests: mite, tick, flea, cockroach, bed bug

Features of the product

●The effect-oriented formulation targeted at insect pests

Target insect pests of this fumigant are cockroaches, mites, fleas, etc. However, active ingredients working on cockroaches and mites are different. Therefore, FUMAKILLA researched each formulation that effectively works on a specific target. Thus, we developed: [Kiri Double Jet]="Foguron S" and "Foguron D." This fumigant assuredly meets customer expectations of insecticide in each room.

●Only "Foguron" has mist power with double jet injection

"Foguron" is a pioneer product of mist type with no smoke and soiling. We developed "Foguron" with a double jet injection through 2 nozzles as we focused on its power to diffuse mist to every corner of a room. In addition, the unique formulation drastically increased the effect.

●Nozzle angle is also a key point!

Foguron D: It effectively works on mites living mainly in closets and floors.

●Can be chosen depending on space

Sizes for 6 to 12 tatami mats (about 10 to 20 m2) (100 mL) and for 12 to 24 tatami mats (about 20 to 40 m2) (200 mL) are available. You can choose a suitable size depending on the space between a bedroom and a child’s room, between a wide dining area and a living room (it is more effective to use this product at the same time for each room).

●Kiri Double Jet can be easily used

Just press the button to inject. No staining.

●"Foguron D" that works on various species of mites and fleas

The major ingredients are <benzyl benzoate> and <d•d-T-cyphenothrin> that effectively work even on minute tarsonemidae. How widely and effectively the product can work is important as there are many species of mites and they are not visible. As well as epidermoptidae that can cause allergic diseases, the product "Foguron D" even works on house dust mites that fall into a room from mice nests in the ceiling and drink human blood. It of course works on fleas.

Target insect pests

mite, tick, flea, cockroach, bed bug

FUMAKILLA Kiri Double Jet Foguron D 200 mL

FUMAKILLA Kiri Double Jet Foguron D 200 mL
适用害虫:热带鼠螨, 室内尘螨, 蜱虫, 跳蚤, 蟑螂, 臭虫



熏蒸剂的主要对象害虫是蟑螂、蜱螨、跳蚤等,但对蟑螂和蜱螨有效的药剂不同。因此FUMAKILLA分别研究了有效配方。这便是[Kiri Double Jet]=[Foguron S]和[Foguron D]。是有望实现消灭各房间害虫的熏蒸剂。




Foguron D:针对主要栖息在壁橱、地板的蜱螨有效。



●Kiri Double Jet操作简单


●对各种蜱螨和跳蚤等有效的[Foguron D]

主要成分为对尘螨也有很好效果的<苯甲酸苄酯>和<DDT苯氰菊酯>。蜱螨的种类尤其多,又都是肉眼看不见的害虫,因此效果的范围和可靠性都非常重要。[Foguron D]对于导致过敏性疾病的表皮螨、以及从天花板背面老鼠窝掉入室内、还会吸人血的热带鼠螨都有效。当然対跳蚤也有效。


热带鼠螨, 室内尘螨, 蜱虫, 跳蚤, 蟑螂, 臭虫