KADAN Safe 450 mL

KADAN Safe 450 mL
Insecticidal and disinfecting agent made from food ingredients
Chemical-free insecticidal and disinfecting agent that can be used for flower plants, vegetables, and fruit trees. [Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan Registration No.20924]
Target insect pests: aphids, spider mites, cabbageworm

Features of the product

●First in Japan! It works on cabbageworms

It was registered as a pesticide containing a food-based active ingredient to work on cabbageworms for the first time in Japan.
* Radish

●Powerful mist injection achieved 4 times better effect!

The powerful trigger increased the active ingredient amount to attach the target and so it works 4 times* more powerfully. Furthermore, the three-finger trigger can be easily gripped so that you can spray effortlessly. It can be sprayed with the body upside down, so you can easily spray it to the underside of leaves where insect pests hide.
* Compared with our conventional product / aphids lethal effect

●No use of chemical insecticidal and disinfecting agent!

The food ingredient-based film envelops insect pests to exterminate them. The enveloped insect pests cannot breathe and are suffocated to death, and pathogenic bacteria cannot get nutrition and are finally annihilated. It is recommended to be used indoors and even for families with children and pets.
* The active ingredient (sorbitan fatty acid ester) is made of coconut oil and starch.

●First in Japan* Can be used until the day that your crops are eaten!

It contains food ingredients that are friendly to people and plants and can be used to kill insect pests on vegetables, fruit trees, etc. until the day that your crops are eaten. In addition, it is excellent at killing ticks.
* AL agent (excluding specific pest controlling materials)

●Can be used for various plants!

●Water-based and non-gas type with no damage from coldness

●No unpleasant odor

* Active ingredient: sorbitan fatty acid ester

[Table of targets for effective application]

Table of targets for effective application

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Target insect pests

aphids, spider mites, cabbageworm


What exactly is the active ingredient "sorbitan fatty acid ester"?
It is a substance made of coconut oil and starch and a familiar food ingredient contained in ice cream, bread, chocolate, etc.
How does it work even though it does not use a chemical insecticidal agent?
The agent envelops insect and bacteria surfaces with thin film so that insects cannot breathe and are suffocated to death and bacteria cannot absorb nutrition and die.
The applicable crops list says "flowers and foliage plants (excluding pansies)." Can't this be used for pansies?
Can be used for pansies. The effect for pansies is specified in another column because this product works effectively on gray mold in addition to the effect on other flowers.
What will happen if it is used during the day or at high temperatures?
If it is used when leaf surface temperatures are high, plants may sometimes die.

KADAN Safe 450 mL

KADAN Safe 450 mL
适用害虫:蚜虫类, 叶螨类, 青虫


















蚜虫类, 叶螨类, 青虫